Thursday, October 15, 2009

OK! Here are all of my AP student's Blogspots! They will be putting art up over the next few days and I think you will be excited with what they have been doing! Working hard and realizing why we call it "ART WORK"!

Enjoy and please, blog them often!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 students have completed their blogspots and I have figured out how to link them to my page! Yeah technology!
More to come! Enjoy, we look forward to receiving some creative comments!

One more linked...for your viewing pleasure! I have 1 student blog linked...Go Allison~
Thanks to Sauleja and Chelsea for completing their new blogspots too! I will get those linked tomorrow.
And get excited...students are working hard on their AiMS #4...more WOW work~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

AiMS #3 ... con't

Abby's AiMS #3

Jenna's AiMS #3

Lexi's AiMS #3

Sanjay's AiMS #3

Megan's AiMS #3

A few more AiMS #3 pieces!

AiMS #3

Chanho's AiMS #3

Allison's AiMS #3

Amanda's AiMS #3 I am slowly figuring this blog thing out and after a mini lesson from one of my students here is a listing of our latest AiMS. AiMS #3 was to do a painting in the style of Monet, using acrylic paint and then using any subject matter. I found that by having our students select their own subject matter seemed to hinder them a bit. I'm not sure this is their strongest batch of work. Although some pieces are strong, most need more work. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.